Best Stuff to Hand Out

It’s the dizzying array you don’t want to spend too much time thinking about; promotion items for your trade show or engagement opportunities. Other than giving out your own amazing products, what sticks best? The Advertising Specialty Institute surveyed over 100,000 people to find out.

Their comprehensive report, chock full of infographics delivers a ton of information. What jumped out most at me was when in doubt, pick an item that matches the pursuits of people in that area. For example, promotional drinkware is most popular in Washington and Oregon where coffee houses and microbrews rule. Down in Florida, you are better off going with a T-shirt or sun hat. California knows how to party, and trade show goers prefer a nice USB drive.

Age of your audience should influence your decision, too. Coveted Millennials love portable power banks. You ever tried to keep a phone charged when you receive 4,000 alerts and Instagram every meal? Try it some time! This helps explain why mobile power banks are kept for a year on average, with your brand staring them in the face. Second place for Millennials is outerwear and fleece.

If you’re expecting a little bit of every age group t-shirts and reusable bags are the way to go. You can download the full report here.

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Gear – Sun’s out guns out right? Well not when you’re in the mountains or high desert and sudden storm can send chilly rain your way. We hung out with Bryan Powell from for his advice on light jackets to avoid a sudden chill.