51% of Us Don’t Do This

Recently, the Content Marketing Institute, GetResponse, Holistic eMail Marketing and Smart Insights combined forces to interview over 2500 marketers about the effectiveness of email and other marketing. Not surprisingly, email came out on top for self reported ROI. Here’s the Top 5 by respondents stating the highest ROI in Travel marketing methods:

  • Email Marketing: 20%
  • SEO: 20%
  • Social Media Marketing: 16%
  • Display Advertising: 10%
  • Content Marketing: 8%

What’s kind of startling is what marketers say the don’t do. 51% don’t test and optimize emails. Just over 23% don’t have any metrics to measure success. Yikes! Others measure success with methods from subscriber increases to sales and event registrations.

If you don’t have an agreed upon way to measure the success of your marketing, you should get one now. By “agreed upon” I mean spelled out to your superiors in a document they review and approve. By doing so, you have a baseline of measurement, and should your boss depart, something to show the new person.

Roughly 71% of travel marketers and 76% of sport and activity marketers do B2C email marketing. It makes me wonder why the other 25- 30% don’t. My guess is, it’s because consistent communication and outreach can often be crushed by internal and other demands. At least that’s what we find when clients ask us to create the content for them.

If you want to check out the report yourself, just click here. In exchange for you name and email, you will get a comprehensive PDF. So far, the only pitch I’ve gotten in return is an offer to sign up for GetResponse blogs, which seem pretty useful.