Creating content takes a lot of work. Each little bundle of content joy requires research, specific photos, sometimes even video. So why waste all that hard work on a single social post? Don’t! With the many different social platforms people are using at different times of days, it’s near impossible to hit your entire audience with your amazing new content in a single post. Here are three tips for maximizing that one piece of content on social media:

Tip 1: Every photo = a social post

Yep, use them all. Some of your audience may be drawn towards one photo more than another. So offer them all! Create a unique social post for each photo you’ve added in the content. Here are two social posts for the same article:

Tip 2: Change the chatter

No extra photos? Easy peasy. Update the chatter a little to target a certain audience. Use different key points from the piece of content that might connect with different folks or highlight an offer in a different way.

Tip 3: Repurpose “evergreen” content

It’s perfectly okay to post a piece of content that’s a year or so old if it’s still relevant. It’s likely the first time you posted it not everyone saw the post anyway. Plus it might be a nice reminder for people to check out that great info again. The post below was from the previous year. But the events are still happening and the info is current, so why not reshare? We sure did.

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