Social media marketing is a full-time gig these days. With posting content, engaging, and providing customer service, managing social accounts can take up all your waking hours. To the rescue of any bogged down social marketer is the social media calendar. Here are some simple tips on the why, when and where to use this handy tool.

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If not highlighted above enough, managing social is simply hectic. Like email, there are constant distractions happening on social sites, and without a baseline posting strategy, consistency can get lost and in return lose customers. This is why a calendar is super handy, it helps plan out long term what is being posted.


We like to plan out posts for an entire month with posts in cadence to our peak engagement times. These planned posts can drive themselves if scheduled ahead of time and then allow (not depend) for other relevant posts day-day. This in turn creates a foundation, ensures consistent communication, while also letting the ship drive itself a tad to free up time to focus on other important strategies.


There are so many tools out there for managing a social media calendar. Sometimes basic is best with an excel doc, while other times a google calendar is nice when multiple team members need to view the posting cadence. When scheduling ahead, we like to use Hootsuite or Buffer which also have calendar views so you can see your entire posting strategy in one swoop.

The main takeaway is this: Thinking ahead to save time and provide your customers with consistency is best. Social media calendars are a great way to accomplish both. For more information on our social marketing services, send us a note here or check out our Telling Services.

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