There’s a content marketing arms race that you are a part of. In an effort to niche market, we’re throwing a bigger share of our budget at the duopoly that takes nearly 65 percent of digital ad spend: Google and Facebook. Rates are going up and the space is getting as cluttered as a home on “Hoarding: Buried Alive.”

Niche and targeted marketing is so powerful a goal that a lot of folks I talk to are in the classic dilemma of throwing good money after bad. Everyone else is in Google and Facebook so why not them? Meanwhile, marketers are overlooking a content marketing medium that delivers fantastic results: magazines — creating your own or advertising in existing publications.

Stop the eye rolling and hear me out. There are two reasons why you need to take another look at print magazines. First off, they work. Second, and perhaps more importantly: fake news.

All the stats you want about why digital ad spend is slowing and less effective than magazines can be found here. And unlike fake news, there are actual sources. Here’s a summary:

• Online ad spend growth is dramatically slowing

• At the end of 2016 380 million mobile devices had ad blocking software

• Mobile advertising can “suck in up to 40 percent of your advertising budget on fees and commissions”

• Digital and video advertising have $1.53 return on investment for every dollar spent

• Magazine advertising has $3.94 return on investment for every dollar spent

Magazines have more than two times the return of digital ads. And if you book them yourself, or even if you use an agency, you’ll only spend 10 percent in fees. Compare that to 40 percent for mobile. Plus, there’s a movement to spend less time online as noted in this article from Mashable.

If that’s not enough to make you question why you are making Zuckerberg an even bigger billionaire, then fake news should. Seriously, do you believe anything you read on social media? Do you want your brand appearing next to that nonsense?

Experts wonder if fake news could be the one thing that does in Facebook. This includes Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute, in this blog post. Joe notes how print offers “a clear advantage over digital sources.” The reason is simple: publishers bust their ass for months at a time, researching and vetting magazines before they print. After all “a mistake in print cannot be undone.” Can you say the same about digital, especially social media?

Joe concludes that, “what’s currently going on with digital content will tip the balance of power, and will thrust print back into the forefront of the content conversation.”

You have a golden opportunity to get a jump on the marketing lemmings. Take a serious look at print. There are niche magazines with avid readers that match your brand. Or create your own custom publication like CNet and Digiday have. Oh, did I mention both used to be online only?

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