It’s time to reframe your marketing campaigns to make the customer the star. Here’s how.

Tell a Story

Your customers are the main character in your story. By framing the conversation around what they do, how they do it and how you helped them succeed, your business will thrive.
Case Study: Through a series of campaigns called Real Beauty, Dove casts their customers — everyday, regular women — as the heroines of their own stories. The message is clear: Dove products are designed for real women, doing real things.

Case Study: When the Cubs won the World Series in 2016, 108 years after their last championship, Nike had an ad ready to roll of one young boy dreaming of “someday,” the day the Cubs would again be crowned the champs. The boy plays, fictional crowds roar and he celebrates a pretend championship that will happen “someday.” At the end of the advertisement, “Goodbye Someday” displays on the screen.

Help Your Customer Give Back

The trend of companies giving back to their communities is growing significantly each year and often those donations encourage customers to purchase even more.

Case Study: Since 1985, Patagonia has been donating 1 percent of all sales to assist nonprofit environmental groups. On Black Friday in 2016 they upped the ante and donated 100 percent of their sales (online and in stores) to grassroots organizations. The company did five times the sales expected, raising $10 million.

Case Study: A great example of brand goodwill may have crossed your social media feeds recently.
Marc Carter’s 13-year-old autistic son, Ben, would only drink out of a particular cup — a blue Tommee Tippee cup that hasn’t been made in a decade. So Carter put out a call on Twitter (which made its way to Facebook and beyond) asking if anyone had one they would be willing to share with him. #CupForBen began to trend.
Tommee Tippee saw the conversation, but they didn’t have any in storage. Seizing the opportunity, their parent company (Mayborn Group Ltd.) tracked down the original mold in China and made 500 cups for Ben so he would never be without.

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