Creating a content strategy is key, but it’s just the first step — enacting that strategy cohesively across platforms is even more important.

Follow these four tips to make your content strategy cohesive:

Start with Your Brand

What’s the voice of your brand? What feelings does this new campaign evoke?

The answers to those two questions should be connected. Don’t launch a marketing campaign that isn’t inline with your original brand voice. That tone should be consistent across platforms, including everything from your Facebook cover photo to the accent color on collateral materials.

Maintain Clear Messaging

The clarity and prevalence of your call to action is what gets readers to click to your website, give you a ring or walk through your door.

Make sure that message is clear, direct and in the voice of your brand and campaign across all platforms. More so, ensure that the marketing win you’re looking for stays the same across platforms; Are you aiming for a click through, brand association or an immediate purchase? Keep you messaging consistent and unclouded with other ideas or call to actions.

The biggest miss by most companies is hiding their call to action. It may seem, cliché, but there’s a reason most websites have “BUY NOW,” “SUBSCRIBE” or “CONTACT US” in all caps, as a bright button high up on their websites: It works. Subtlety doesn’t bring in customers.

Make Sure All Players Are on the Same Page

You’ve paid for a marketing company to craft your ads, SEO and storytelling, but have opted to keep social media in-house. Make sure your social media managers know what the new plan is and are able to convey that message on the mediums they work on.

One event-planning business we’ve worked with had fantastic brand identity and solid reach with their core audience, but one employee kept posting crime stories to the company’s Facebook page, diluting the mission of the product and leading to users unfollowing the page.

Be Visible

There’s a lot of discussion about the number of touch points it takes for an ad to resonate with the audience, but the consensus is between 3 and 8 times.

So diversify.

Push your message on numerous platforms (re-targeting ads, Facebook posts, print ads, etc.) with similar CTAs and you will see success.

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