We all like to be planned out, but sometimes even the best strategies fall flat.

When we know what we want, and have an ideal picture of the final product, it’s hard to accept that the reality might not be triumphant. Clinging to your original idea can often hinder your entire message and sabotage your product. Here’s how to avoid that:

Be Realistic with your Budget and Resources

In your mind, the drone swoops in over your business as a gaggle of school children spill out the doors, giggling as they eat the candy purchased from your shop before fading in on a close-up shot of your bubble-gum colored sign.

You’ve told your marketing agency what you want, and you can’t figure out why they’re saying they can’t produce this ad from the footage you gave them.

There’s no easy way around this: If you start out with crap, you end up with crap.

If you have old, compressed video footage, there’s no way for your agency to transform that into a high-quality montage. If your photography is all done on flip phones, it’s not going to sing in a magazine spread. If you have little to no information on your website, it’s going to take time, research and ingenuity to build it up.

Good content costs money. And it is worth it. People who are good at what they do are paid appropriately and produce accordingly. If you don’t have the skills to make what you’re dreaming of, spend the money and hire someone who can.

Trust Your Team

You pay your team because of their expertise. Trust their knowledge and plan according to their suggestions.

And be flexible. Everyone involved in this product wants the campaign to shine and they might just have ideas that are simpler for your product and convey the message more clearly. Making key players and their ideas part of the planning process eliminates total overhauls later on.

Know When to Regroup

If your campaign isn’t working, identify what went wrong.

Dive into the analytics. Numbers give us clarity both when we have a win and indicate where we have a miss. Did your campaign on Facebook get click throughs to your website, but didn’t convert viewers to customers? Then your campaign is a win, but the page these potential customers land on is not converting them. Spend your energy on that page, because the campaign itself is working.

Look at your viewers and messaging and ask your team for help. Say your online campaign gathered numerous views, but the click-through rate fell flat. In this case, something is wrong with your advertising campaign.

But wait! It might not be an issue with the campaign itself.

Were you trying to reach millennials, but targeted your advertisements to desktops? There’s your error, not with the messaging, but with the targeting. How many millennials do you know who look at Facebook on their desktop instead of their phones?

Did your eyeglass campaign make a joking reference to red glasses and Sally Jesse Raphael? In addition to getting some new icons, if that ad was aimed at millennials, your message likely missed its target. Regroup with a joke about Harry Potter’s round spectacles or Nicki Minaj’s oversized glasses.

Gather your team and dive into what you did. The campaign may just need slight tweaks instead of a total rework.

Be Prepared to Move Forward

Sadly, sometimes a campaign fails. And there’s no regrouping. On the rare occurrence that happens, brush yourself off and start again with a new tactic, new team and a new message. And remember, keep your head up.

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