Color says a lot. Maybe more than we often intend. Many people aren’t aware just how much weight and importance the colors we choose for our branding are. Most are only subconsciously aware of the message you’re sending your audience by the colors you use.

As designers, we are given color theory early in college and taught to constantly cosider how they affect our designs. It becomes second nature. But, even for most, if we actually stop and think about it, we can look at colors and add some implied meaning to those colors. For example:

Blue = sky and water, health, clean, pure, trust
Red = energy, warmth, danger, strength
Yellow = healthy, happiness, sunshine, joy, warning
Green = growth, freshness, nature, safety, money
Black = strength, authority, death, power, elegance,
White = light, innocence, safety, cleanliness

So take a minute to think about color and how it supports your brand and communicates the message you want when viewed by your target audience. How would changing our logo change our audience and the perception of our services?

Our logo/not our brand colors:

What these colors say: “These guys must work in the fast food industry. With “brand studio” in their name, I’m guessing they help fast food companies with their brand and marketing. I’m guessing their service is not entirely thought out, completed a bit hastily, is probably inexpensive but won’t taste real good and only keep me satisfied for a short time.”

Our logo/our actual brand colors:

What these colors say: “These guys are the authority in their industry. Their colors are very strong and confident and somewhat calming and I’m pretty sure they are good at what they do. I may not know exactly what they do, but if I need branding and marketing help I’m going to investigate, because they are obviously classy as hell.”

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