51% of Us Don’t Do This

Recently, the Content Marketing Institute, GetResponse, Holistic eMail Marketing and Smart Insights combined forces to interview over 2500 marketers about the effectiveness of email and other marketing. Not surprisingly, email came out on top for self reported ROI. Here’s the Top 5 by respondents stating the highest ROI in Travel marketing methods: Email Marketing: 20% […]

Social Media Calendar: The Why, When and Where

Social media marketing is a full-time gig these days. With posting content, engaging, and providing customer service, managing social accounts can take up all your waking hours. To the rescue of any bogged down social marketer is the social media calendar. Here are some simple tips on the why, when and where to use this handy […]

6 Email Marketing Hacks to Know

Because a reader has (hopefully) opted-in to receive your content, they’re invested in your brand and what you have to say. Don’t blow this new budding relationship with lackluster content. Use these six hacks to make the most out of your email marketing campaigns: Subject Lines Oh the dreaded subject line. This is your first […]

3 Effective Ways to Use Short Videos in Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, video is the most effective way to stand out from the crowd. A recent study showed that 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it and that 1 in 4 consumers lose interest in a company if it doesn’t […]

Here’s Why Content Marketing Pros Are Falling in Love with Magazines All Over Again

There’s a content marketing arms race that you are a part of. In an effort to niche market, we’re throwing a bigger share of our budget at the duopoly that takes nearly 65 percent of digital ad spend: Google and Facebook. Rates are going up and the space is getting as cluttered as a home […]

3 Ways to Turn One Piece of Content into a Million (or so) Social Media Posts

Creating content takes a lot of work. Each little bundle of content joy requires research, specific photos, sometimes even video. So why waste all that hard work on a single social post? Don’t! With the many different social platforms people are using at different times of days, it’s near impossible to hit your entire audience […]

Hashtag Research: 3 Social Media Tactics to Try Today

Hashtags #areapain sometimes. But taking the extra time to find hashtags that are relevant to your post can help increase exposure and engagement significantly. Try these simple-ish tactics and you’ll start connecting with the right people: Top Posts Head over to one of the hashtags you were planning on using. See the “Top Posts” section? […]