Long Form vs. Short Form: What Kind of Branded Video Is Best?

I hear it every day: “We want a 3 to 5 minute video that shows these 15 scenes and introduces these seven people.” “I want to highlight my entire staff.” “I was thinking 15 minutes. I’ll interview people. You know, like Oprah. Or I’ll be funny. The next James Corden.” My advice to these people: […]

Content Strategy: Creating Cohesion Across Platforms

Creating a content strategy is key, but it’s just the first step — enacting that strategy cohesively across platforms is even more important. Follow these four tips to make your content strategy cohesive: Start with Your Brand What’s the voice of your brand? What feelings does this new campaign evoke? The answers to those two questions […]

5 CVBs Who Are Killing it with Content Marketing

Working for a content marketing agency like Dorado Brand Studio means traveling to lots of cool places, noshing at invite-only press events and chilling at five-star resorts. Or so we wish. The truth is, much of our day is spent consuming content from behind a desk — and we wouldn’t have it any other way. […]