Because a reader has (hopefully) opted-in to receive your content, they’re invested in your brand and what you have to say. Don’t blow this new budding relationship with lackluster content. Use these six hacks to make the most out of your email marketing campaigns:

Subject Lines

Oh the dreaded subject line. This is your first impression, the attention grabber for getting people to click through. If you’re staff is lacking a witty, semi-aggressive writer who specializes in micro-copy, then these can be tricky. Just stick to the basics — provide value. Are you offering a special? Let them know in a quick roll-up. Is your content about something specific? Explain what that is in the subject line.

Intro Sentence

You have your subject line dialed, great! But if your subscriber is using an email platform that shows a preview of the email body, they’ll see the first words you’ve placed in the email. Do you want that to be the auto-populated “view this email in your browser” line? No, ew. Take advantage of this short sentence to give readers a deeper dive into your email content.

Get Your Links Right

Seems obvious, but please make sure your photos, logo, header, blog posts, buttons, social icons, etc., have links. The point is to get readers to click through and read more, so be sure to offer them every opportunity to do so.

Video Hack

Have a video you’d like to share in your email? Don’t upload it into the email! It will bog the heck out of your content and no one waits for things to load. Instead, get a screen grab of your video with the play button on it. Upload that photo with a link to your video. People will wait for the quick redirect, not for your video to load. Marie Forleo does a great job of this with her weekly videos that she delivers via email: 

Try a Gif

Another video option is to add a gif in place of the image(Marie does that too). These animated images highlight the movement and action of your video in a quick snippet. Use this in the same way as above and tease readers with the option to watch.


Want to really piss some people off? Don’t offer the option to opt-out of your newsletter. If you’re content is not gelling with someone, that’s okay. Hopefully the tips above will help. But don’t make your email a prison — offer the option to unsubscribe.

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